Cloud Operations Sandbox (Alpha)

Cloud Operations Sandbox is an open-source tool that helps practitioners to learn Service Reliability Engineering practices from Google and apply them on their cloud services using Ops Management (formerly Stackdriver). It is based on Hipster Shop, a cloud-native microservices application.

Sandbox offers:

  • Demo Service - an application built using microservices architecture on modern, cloud-native stack.
  • One-click deployment - a script handles the work of deploying the service to Google Cloud Platform.
  • Load Generator - a component that produces synthetic traffic on a demo service.
  • (Soon) SRE Runbook - pre-built routine procedures for operating the deployed sample service that follow best SRE practices using Ops Management.

Why Sandbox

Google Cloud Ops Management is a suite of tools that helps you gain full observability of your code and applications. You might want to take Ops Management to a “test drive” in order to answer the question, “will it work for my application needs”? The most effective way to learn is by testing the tool in “real-life” conditions, but without risking a production system. With Sandbox, we provide a tool that automatically provisions a new demo cluster, which receives traffic, simulating real users. Practicioners can experiment with various Ops Management tools to solve problems and accomplish standard SRE tasks in a sandboxed environment.

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